4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults.
4-H is education for life that uses a learn-by-doing approach.

Active in all 93 counties and at 4h.unl.edu

Boone & Nance 4-H

Deadline - January 9, 2023

The 4-H Council may select up to three individuals to represent the Boone County 4-H Program. The ambassadors should be well spoken and carry themselves with poise, a sense of self-worth, and respect. They should be a leader who shows initiative and a sense of pride and commitment to promote and represent the Boone County 4-H Program. Must be 4-H age 14 to 18 by January of the current year, and must have completed a minimum of two years in 4-H, and be currently enrolled.

2022 4-H Story and Picture Story

Please submit your 4-H Story, and you will successfully complete your 4-H year.

2022 4-H Story

2022 Clover Kids Picture Story

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