Instructions for Enrolling in 4-H Online

NEW FOR 2023-24:

The list of projects has been condensed into project areas. For example, if someone wants to take Breeding Beef and Market Beef, they will simply choose “Beef”. Or if you are taking Photography, you will not have the option of choosing different levels. Clover Kids will only choose Clover Kids. Some of the department names have been changed, so if you need help, please call the Extension Office.

Projects should be selected if families would like to receive additional information regarding project-specific reminders, such as upcoming deadlines. If you forget to choose a project, no worries, you can still take exhibits from any project area to the fair.

If enrolling in Horse and Shooting Sports, those areas have not changed. You are required to select these projects due to the consent forms that are required. The goal is to enroll in 4-H now. Then when you turn in your fair entries in June, you can add all the exhibits you want. If you have questions about the enrollment process or the project areas, feel free to contact the Extension Office.

  • Returning 4-H Council members should choose Program Volunteer, then County Volunteer.
  • If you are affiliated with a club, choose Club Volunteer, then either Organizational Leader or Project Leader.
  • Also choose Project Volunteer, then Project Leader. You will be prompted to select projects. Choose the ones beginning with "Volunteer".
There has been a slight change to the Volunteer Enrollment. There is a new volunteer type:  "Program Volunteer - Selected for Required Screening". Do not choose this option. Each county will need to do this every 5 years. Boone County and Nance County are not on the list for this year. Also, if you are a new Volunteer, do not choose this option.

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