TL Meyer  

By T.L. Meyer, Nebraska Extension Livestock Systems Educator

As part of the Nebraska Extension Drones for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Project, several Extension Educators were selected to receive training for flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We are looking at ways drones can be used to collect research data and in everyday beef cattle production. Covid may have put a crinkle in completing our flight training, but I am fortunate to do practice flights at GSL. Below are some videos from different flights in the past year. I would love to hear how others are using drones in your beef operations. Please reach out to me at or you can find me on Twitter (@beef_educator) or Instagram and Facebook (@beefeducator).

South Meadow October 14,2020 

South Meadow December 17, 2020

South Meadow March 11, 2021