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2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Statewide Survey Summary

Hay & Forage Minutes from Bruce Anderson

Co-Parenting For Sucessful Kids

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Lifelong Learning Center, 601 East Benjamine Ave., Norfolk, Nebraska
Cost of the Class is $50.00
To Register call 402-288-5611 or email
 Click here for more complete information.

Click here for a link to classes offered in the state.

 "Extension Is On The Move"  newsletter

June 2016 Issue

On the Ranch - Summer Pasture Rental Rates; Water Requirements for Beef Cattle; Why Didn’t My Doe Have Kids This Year?

 In the Field - Impacts of Extreme Heat Stress & Increased Soil Temperature on Plant Growth & Development;  Post-Emergence Herbicide Options for Glyphosate-resistant Marestail in Soybeans

 Healthy Eating - Basics of Home Canning

 Today’s Future -Gardening With Kids

 World of Work - Simple, Fun Wellness Challenges 

Splash into Extension - Young Calves, Summer Heat & Water Consumption

 In the Dirt - 4 Things to Know About Zika Virus; Emerald Ash Borer Key Points & Resources; Tomatoes, Bagworm, Cedar-apple Rust & Lawn Watering




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Nebraska Extension in Knox County

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