Community Vitality and Environmental Resiliency

Nitrogen, water quality, water quantity, yield, economics, environment, and human health are intertwined on every acre — in the field and in our homes. Best management practices and conservation choices impact each area and help smooth out the uncertainties of farming. Every choice ultimately influences the bottom line.

Finding What Works

Extension experts work with producers through education to determine which conservation practices may perform best on their ground, then help find programs and resources to help implement them. These practices include cover crops, monitoring crop water use, no-till planting, split fertilizer applications, technologies for improved management, and more.

Extension experts also work with communities, natural resources managers and home owners through education programs. Participants learn to assess how both small- and large-scale actions on the land impact water resources, individual health, community longevity, and environmental vitality.

At the end of the day, understanding the relationship between land management and providing a high quality, plentiful water supply helps all Nebraskans navigate our options.

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