Although official records might disagree, Andy Applegarth has been working for UNL since he graduated from there with an animal science degree.

“In 1978 I graduated in the spring. I hunted around for jobs, and they had an opening at Mead [UNL’s Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center] under Jim Gosey and I went up for the interview. They were putting bulls out. I had a working interview. I put bulls out for them,” he explained.

A year later, Applegarth moved to UNL’s now defunct Sandhills Ag Lab, north of Tryon. After weaning in Fall 1981, Andy and the cowherd moved to GSL. From 1992 to 1996, Applegarth sort of took a break from GSL.

“However, honestly, I worked at the university 'cause I was on call. I helped do some feeding,” he aded with his signature chuckle.

Over the years, Applegarth has worked with numerous students and staff on a wide range of research projects (including one where they fed chicken manure). What has he enjoyed the most about working at GSL?

“Being around the research and the people I have learned a lot. And I learned constantly. I mean, I'm still learning. I have worked with a lot of really good people. The original crew that started GSL, that was, to me, a hell of a crew. They started it right.”

Applegarth has taken that knowledge and used on his own ranch, where he and his wife, Binda, raised three kids. Some of the biggest changes he’s seen in ranching during his time at GSL have been moving calving dates later in the spring and feeding different feed stuffs.

Later this fall, Applegarth will retire from UNL. He looks forward to “being able to go and do things.” Andy, we wish you nothing but the best!

Andy Applegarth  

Andy Applegarth and late neighbor Ralph Pat Vinton discuss the plan at a GSL branding.