The Extension in Webster County has the privilege of working alongside four boards within our county. Each board is represented by various members of the community.  Below is a list of the boards as well as a short statement about the tasks in which each board is charged.

Extension Board

The Webster County Extension Board serves as an advocate for Nebraska Extension in Webster County. The Extension Board provides guidance to Extension staff in establishing and accomplishing Extension education program goals and objectives. Annually, it assists in developing an operating budget and local educational priorities. The board meets quarterly.

  • Nelson P. Trambly- President
  • Danny Benge- Vice President
  • Buffy Niemeyer - Secretary
  • Ashley Armstrong - Treasurer
  • Kristi Allen - Member
  • Hans Burken- Youth Council Rep

Youth Council Board Members

The purpose of the Webster County Youth Council is to promote Webster County Extension 4-H & Youth Programs by planning the yearly program and implementing and enforcing new rules regulations. This board meets quarterly.

  • Adult Representatives
    • Cody Simonton- President
    • Lance Johnson- Vice President
    • Mollie Taylor- Treasurer
    • Afton Alber- Secretary
    • Rob Wilson- Fairboard Rep
    • Meghan Anderson
    • Hans Burken
    • Kim Ely
    • Julie Henkel
    • Jana McNeill
    • Daren Niemeyer
    • Carter Auten (Youth Member)
    • Dylan Auten (Youth Member)
    • Samantha Bonifas (Youth Member)
    • Kassi Jones (Youth Member)
    • Eli Karr (Youth Member)
    • Libby Macklin (Youth Member)
    • Ellie Mangers (Youth Member)
    • Halley Minnick (Youth Member)

 Youth Foundation Board of Directors

The Webster County Youth Foundation serves as a non-profit entity to which individuals may donate; bequeath by will or trust proceeds from an estate; or simply serve as a vehicle for contributions, with the purpose to serve the youth involved in 4-H or FFA programs in and around the Webster County area. This board meets quarterly.

  • Terri Rose - President
  • Mike Danehey - Vice President
  • Carol Kumke - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jeff Armstrong
  • Nelson P. Trambly
  • Daren Niemeyer
  • Maggie Kothe
  • Erin Slieter
  • Ron Schutte
  • Darren Bolte
  • Lance Johnson

Ag Association Members

The Webster County Ag Association is charged with keeping Webster County Fairgrounds in Bladen, Nebraska well maintained through construction and maintenance of on grounds buildings. It is also the board responsible for events held on the fairgrounds such as the rodeo.

Webster County Fair & Rodeo (webpage)

  • Rob Wilson– President
  • Darren Bolte – Vice President
  • Wade Gibson – Treasurer
  • Vicki Alber – Secretary
  • Troy Bonifas- Rodeo Chairman
  • Kelly Faimon
  • Calvin Henkel
  • Randy Meyer
  • Justin Soucek
  • Trevor Serna