Reverse Osmosis Systems to Treat Nitrate from a private well.


Reverse Osmosis Rebate Program In-Service: Treating high nitrate concentrations in private wells.


Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth and therefore, Nebraska's agricultural industry. However, when nitrogen leaves the crop root zone it becomes both an economic loss to the farmer and a loss to the community. A maximum safe level of 10 ppm nitrate in drinking water was established based on epidemiological studies of methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome). A growing body of recent research is also showing connection with drinking water nitrate and increased lifetime risk for cancers, particularly colorectal and pediatric, thyroid disease, and adverse reproductive outcomes. 80% of Nebraskans rely on groundwater for drinking water and nearly 100% of rural residents utilize domestic (private) drinking water wells.  To address this issue, in 2022, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB1014e, which makes $1.2 million dollars available to Nebraskans to install reverse osmosis systems if test levels for nitrate concentrations in drinking water pumped are above 10 ppm. This money can be used by individuals to install a Reverse Osmosis system to treat nitrate from a private well. Applications will begin January 2, 2023.


What will it cover? This in-service will give a brief overview of the state of Nitrate concentrations in Nebraska groundwater, the relationship between nitrate concentrations and health impacts, and reverse osmosis system basics. It will conclude by giving you the information needed to assist rural Nebraskans in applying for the Reverse Osmosis rebate program.


Who Should Attend? County Office Staff, RPN and WICS Educators, and anyone in your office interested in helping Nebraskans have safe drinking water!


January 6 from 10 to 10:30am


Sent by Katie Pekarek on behalf of

Carla McCullough, Laura Nagengast, Katie Pekarek, Becky Schuerman



  1. The state of Nitrate in Groundwater in Nebraska – 5 min
  2. Nitrate and health – 5 min
  3. RO Rebate Program Overview– 5min
    1. What is the RO rebate program? & LB1014e
    2. Who is eligible?
    3. How do I help clients apply?
  1.                                                     i.     Application period
  2.                                                    ii.     Review dates
  3.                                                   iii.     Application process – walk through it with the staff.
  1. Water quality testing – 5 min            
    1. How do I order a kit?
    2. Water quality testing – how do I take a sample?
    1. Who pays for the testing?
    2. How do I register a private well? Why would I need to?
  1. RO System Basics –5 min
    1. Nitrate reductions by systems
    2. Installation basics
    3. Costs
    4. Maintenance requirements
    5. How to find an installer
  1. Questions – 5 min
    1. The official time will conclude at 10:30.  If there are additional questions, the speakers will stick around to answer questions at this time.