Event Calendar


  • October 1- Start of New 4-H Year
  • First week of October- 4-H Week
  • January 1- Children's age on this day is 4-H age
  • June 1- Last Day for 4-H Enrollment
  • June 1- (Without Fee) All animal ID forms due, YQCA, Horse Level I due, 4-H enrollment complete 
  • June 1- Formerly known as Livestock Quality Assurance, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals Certificate due, (Includes Poultry, Rabbit, Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep, and Swine).  
  • June 15- (With Fee) All animal ID forms due, YQCA Certificate due, Horse Level I due, 4-H enrollment complete
  • Dog & Cat Vaccination Forms Deadline - July 15
  • Dawes County Fair Entry Deadline - July 13 (without fee)
  • Dawes County Fair LATE Entry Deadline - July 19 (with fee)

Calendar of Events:

October 16 2018-2019 4-H Enrollment Opens
October 21 Dawes County Achievement Banquet 
November 13 Grazing Research & Cattle Management Presentation - CSC
November 23 + 24 NECC Livestock Classic Steer and Heifer Show


December 15 Dawes County 4-H Craft N' Sip