• October 1- Start of New 4-H Year
  • First week of October- 4-H Week
  • January 1- Children's age on this day is 4-H age
  • June 1- Last Day for 4-H Enrollment
  • June 1- (Without Fee) All animal ID forms due, YQCA, Horse Level I due, 4-H enrollment complete 
  • June 1- Formerly known as Livestock Quality Assurance, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals Certificate due, (Includes Poultry, Rabbit, Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep, and Swine).  
  • June 15- (With Fee) All animal ID forms due, YQCA Certificate due, Horse Level I due, 4-H enrollment complete
  • Dog & Cat Vaccination Forms Deadline - July 15
  • Sheridan County Fair Entry Deadline - July 1
  • Dawes County Fair Entry Deadline - July 15 (without fee)
  • Dawes County Fair LATE Entry Deadline - July 19 (with fee)

Calendar of Events:

February 1

Livestock Evaluation Meeting, 6pm, Extension Office

February 4

Crawford Shooting Sports Meeting, 5pm, Crawford Rodeo Building

February 9 Dawes County Beef Weigh- Ins, 9-12pm, Crawford Livestock Market
February 15 Celebrate N150 Hay Springs 9 to 12
February 16 State Robotics competition
February 17 Sheridan County Beef Weigh-in, 1 to 3 pm Sheridan Livestock
February 18 Sheridan County YQCA training Face to Face at 9 am 
February 18 Rushville Sewing 12 to 3 pm
February 18 Dawes County Office Closed- President's Day

February 19

Rushville Clover Bud at 3:30

February 21

Hay Springs Clover Bud at 4 pm

February 24

Sheridan County Junior Leader meeting at 3 pm

February 25

4-H Kick-Off Coin Carnival

February 28

Hay Springs sewing from 9 to 12 pm 


March 8 Rushville Sewing from 12 to 3 pm
March 11 Sheridan County 4-H Council
March 15 Baking Basics in Hay Springs from 9 to 3 pm
March 17 Sheridan County Speech Contest in Gordon at 1 pm
March 19 Rushville Clover Buds at 3:30
March 21 Hay Springs Clover Buds at 4 pm
March 24 Panhandle Best Shoot, Chadron

March 25

County 4-H Public Speaking Contest Registration Due

March 29

Breeding Ewe Scholarship Application Due

March 30-31

State 4-H Shooting Sports, Kearney


April 1

Dawes County Speech Contest, 6 pm, Crawford

April 8

Sheridan County 4-H Council meeting at 6:30 pm

April 8

Dawes County 4-H Executive Council Meeting

April 13

Panhandle Regional Public Speaking Contest

April 16

Rushville Clover Bud at 3:30

April 18

Hay Springs Clover Bud at 4 pm

April 18

Horse Advancement Levels, 2 pm, Dawes County Fairgrounds

April 19

Chadron Office Closed at noon - Good Friday

April 22

Sheridan County YQCA training Face to Face at 9 am 

April 26

Chadron Office Closed - Arbor Day

April 27

Dawes County YQCA Training Face-to-Face with Tessa


May 18 YQCA Face-to-Face with Tessa
May 24 YQCA Face-to-Face with Tessa
May 29-30 Wilderness Wonders Camp - Camp Norwesca
May 30-31 LOG N Camp 


June 1 DATE CHANGE! Sheep/Goat Weigh-ins, 3-6pm, Dawes County Fairgrounds
June 1 4-H Project Enrollments due, Animal Affidavits due, YQCA Deadline
June 4 Tractor Safety Training - Gordon, NE
June 6-8 Horse Camp - Fort Robinson State Park
June 9 Sheridan County Progress Show
June 13 District Horse Show, Ogallala, NE

June 15

Dawes County 4-H Progress Show

June 16-18

PASE and Life Challenge

June 20-21

Design Camp - Sheridan County


July 1

Sheridan County Fair Registrations due

July 15

Dawes County Fair Registrations Due

July 15

Dog & Cat Registrations Due

July 17

Family & Consumer Science Day / Fashion Show - Time and Location TBD

July 19

Sheridan County Fashion Review

July 20

Sherdian County Horse Show

July 22-27

2019 Sheridan County Fair

July 26-August 3

2019 Dawes County Fair