University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Merrick County delivers research-based education and information to citizens throughout the county. These educational programs, delivered via a variety of methods, are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement. Our objective is to provide programs and other educational resources locally.

Our staff of extension educator and extension specialists, technicians, and support personnel specializes is providing programs throughout the county, and together with staff from all of Nebraska's 93 counties, we contribute to more than 1.5 million educational contacts each year with Nebraska citizens. Our 4-H Youth Development Program, for example, reaches more than 400 youth in Merrick County alone. Statewide, 4-H touches the lives of more than 90,000 youth each year.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension is built to provide practical education that focuses on issues which influence daily life that helps to keep Nebraska competitive in a global society. Extension Specialists and Extension Educators are committed to a theme of excellence with educational programs customized to meet the needs of Nebraskans.

Merrick County Extension OfficeCourthouse Picture
1784 Fairgrounds Road
Central City, NE 68826-0027
Phone: (308) 946-3843
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Merrick County Staff 

Tammy Stuhr
Extension Educator/
Unit Leader

Phone: (308) 946-3843

Steve Melvin
Ag Educator

Phone: (308) 946-3843

Cindie Hostler
Office Manager

Phone: (308) 946-3843

Kara Wells

Extension Assistant – 4-H & Youth Development

Phone: (308) 946-3843

Sherry Siwinski
Office Assistant

Phone: (308) 946-3843


Merrick County Agricultural Society

The Merrick County Agricultural Society meets once a month and consists of fifteen members from across the county. The Extension Educator sits in on meetings as an advisor and liason between 4-H and the ag society. They provide the activities and entertainment at the fair, and oversee the upkeep and rental of the fairgrounds.

 Russ Kucera, President

Isaac Jefferson, Vice President

Laurie Johnson, Secretary

Brad Wells, Treasurer

Dale Nielson Jr.

Dan Botsch

Eric Frauen          

Heather Seitz                                              

Jake Etherton                                                

Kelly Brandes                                                                                     

Matt Myers                                              

Randy Fuehrer                                           

Ryan Grigsby

Tim Williams                                               

Troy Wells

Merrick County Extension Board

The Merrick County Cooperative Extension Board, the governing body of the County Cooperative Extension, is made up of eight (8) members plus the chair of the 4-H Leaders Council. Term of office is for three years beginning with the January meeting for the appointed members. The chair of the 4-H Council serves as an Extension Board member as long as he/she is chair of the 4-H Council. The budgeting authority is the Board of Supervisors, with Extension Board members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Steve Stettner, President

Ryan Zmek, Vice President

Linda Gilson, Secretary/Treasurer

Shandell Hull

Lori Cave

Laurie Johnson

Staci Lemburg

Matt Mottl, 4-H Council President

Merrick County 4-H Council

The 4-H section of the Merrick County Cooperative Extension program is planned by the assistance given to the Extension Educators by the 4-H Leaders Council. All 4-H Leaders and Jr. Leaders are members of the Council and Executive committee officers are elected as the governing body.

Matt Mottl, President

Jess Brandes, Vice President

Justin Ferris, Secretary

Becky Goyette, Treasurer

Gaylene Bennett, West Representative

Heath Reimers, East Representative

Anna Detlefsen, Central Representative

Hilary Wegner, At-Large Representative

Natalie Wegner, JL West Representative

Chantz Stuhmer, JL East Representative

Cole Brandes, JL Central Representative

Abbi Wegner, JL At-Large Representative

Merrick County 4-H Council