Planting a garden can be more than just eating for the summer time. Preserving your fruits and vegetables can alow you to have home grown vegetables and fruits whenever you want them. This can be a fun project, but you want to make sure your tools are up to regulation to keep you safe. The USDA recommends pressure canner guages be tested regularly for accuracy.

We are holding a two day shop for testing pressure canner lids. The pressure canner lids with the attached weighted or dial guage can be brought to the Nebraska Extension Office (348 W State Farm Rd.) in North Platte on September 21st, by noon. Please plan to pick up your canner lid no later than September 22 at 5 P.M.

It costs $5.00 per lid.

Don't miss out on getting your pressure canner tested for accuracy! For more information or questions, call the Extension Office, (308) 532 2683.