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As a reminder, the 4-H entry deadline for the 2022 Nebraska State Fair is Wednesday, August 10th at 8 PM CST. Attached is a step by step instructions sheet for exhibitors.

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Here are eleven tips to help you maximize your trip to the grocery store.  See how these eleven steps can maximize your health, wallet, and time.

1.      Read nutrition labels. Be aware of sneaky ingredients that go by different names. When there’s more than one food choice, compare nutrition labels. Choose the item with the lowest amounts of sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and added sugars. 

Pro tip: Ingredients are always listed in order of quantity.

Other names you might see for:

      - Trans fats: hydrogenated oil

Summer not only brings out barbecue grills, but also bacteria. Bacteria love the hot, humid days of summer, grow faster than at any other time of the year, and can cause foodborne illness. Summer barbecues are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. Keep your barbecues with family
and friends healthy and safe this summer with the following tips.

TIP #1 Keep It Clean!  Wash clean. Wash hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food. If you're eating where there’s no source of clean water, bring water, soap, and paper towels or have disposable wipes or hand sanitizer available.


Nebraskans are excited as they prepare their gardens anticipating what they want to home preserve throughout the growing season.  Step-by-step instructions from approved, research tested recipes must be followed to assure foods are preserved safely.

Nebraska Extension is offering hands-on workshops in North Platte, Imperial, and Grant to guide the home food preservation process.  

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Nebraska Extension in Lincoln, Logan & McPherson Counties

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Unveiling of Historic Knorr-Holden Plot Signboard

September 25, 2023
Started in 1912, the Knorr-Holden Plot near Scottsbluff is perhaps the world’s oldest irrigated continuous corn research plot. It was recently commemorated with a sign to mark its significance to both Nebraska history and agricultural research history in Nebraska.

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Nebraska Equine Extension to host a second “Race Nebraska” Seminar

September 22, 2023
The passing of the Racetrack Gaming Act through a Nebraska 2020 ballot referendum has caused an expansion in horse racing. A series of educational seminars by Nebraska Extension’s equine program have been developed to help those interested in becoming more involved in the industry.

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Poll: Rural Nebraskans are increasingly pessimistic about present, future

September 18, 2023

Twenty-seven percent of respondents to the 2023 Nebraska Rural Poll indicated they are worse off than they were five years ago, up from 21% last year and 11% in 2021.

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Jansen discusses farmland valuations with RFD-TV

September 18, 2023

In Nebraska, ag land values are up about 14 percent over last year, mirroring a nationwide rise in ag real estate prices. Click through to watch Jim Jansen, an agricultural systems economist with Nebraska Extension, talk with RFD-TV about the impact of valuations.

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