Premises Identification Information

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Premises Id and My Youth Livestock Phamphlet
This pamphlet goes into the reasoning behind EID tags and Premises ID, and also lays out the steps needed to obtain a Premises ID. With the inclusion of EID tags and Premises ID into our youth livestock project, we are educating youth on the importance of animal traceability and how they can become industry leaders in this realm as they move into their careers. All 4-H/FFA MARKET animals carrying an EID tag are required to have a Premises ID. A Premises ID number can be obtained through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (402-471-2351). See registration form below.
  • Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for a family with multiple exhibitors (provided livestock are housed at the same location).
  • Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for an exhibitor that shows multiple species (provided livestock are housed at the same location).
    • Any exhibitor who has completed PQA (Pork Quality Assurance) should have a Premises ID. Call the Nebraska Department of Ag to verify if you have one.
  • The Premises ID number should correlate to the location in which livestock are kept/housed permanently.
  • Since breeding animals do not carry EID tags, this is not a requirement for those exhibitors at this time.
  • The Premises ID number will be reported to County Staff for input into 4-H Online.
  • In order to show at the Nebraska State Fair, a Premises ID must be on file for a market animal exhibitor.

    Premises ID Registration Form (PDF)