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Member Resources

County Fair Resourses

Agronomy and Horticulture


Various Livestock Opportunities

Clothing Construction

  • Clothing Data Card - New for 2023 - docx | pdf
    This card must be included with:
    - Beyond the Needle Classes: C221003 through C221008
    - STEAM 2 Upcycled Garment and Accessory Classes: C222003 and C222004
    - STEAM 3 Upcycled Garment and Accessory Classes: C223001 and C223002
    All upcycled exhibits are required to have before and after pictures (pictures no larger than 4.25” x 5.5” each)


  • Bug Guide - Internet resource for identifying insects, spiders, and other related creatures.

Food and Nutrition


Interview Judging

  • How to Interview Judge
    Go to this page to learn how to Interview Judge, watch several You Tube videos on Interview Judging and for the Absentee Interview Judging Form.


Not all of these resources are from Nebraska 4-H so not all of the regulations are compatible with our County and State Regulation.



Table Setting Contest

Thank you Cards

Club Resources

Leader Resources

  • Using the 4-H Name and Emblem - Information on using the 4-H name and emblem on a 4 page flyer.
  • 4-H Club Resources CD - CD provided by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. Sections included are: 4-H Video, Club Tools, Career Portfolio, Especially for Leaders, and Resources - Available at Extension Office. Contact LaDonna at 402-336-2670.
  • 4-H Volunteer Web Page - Information for the 4-H Volunteer
  • Nebraska 4-H Club of Excellence
  • Nebraska 4-H Volunteers Of Excellence Program - The Nebraska 4-H Volunteers of Excellence Program is designed to complement the tradition of recognizing outstanding volunteers, provide guidance for volunteers to expand their leadership ability, educational opportunities and accomplishments, and reward their dedication to the 4-H program. This program allows volunteers to personalize their experience and select various levels that fit their needs, ability, passion and time. Nebraska 4-H Volunteers of Excellence Program Information has the following 3 levels: 4-H Partner Award; 4-H Cornerstone Award; and the 4-H Innovator Award.