Leadership in Our Local Communities

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[0:01] Testing [0:02] Jordan Rasmussen, Nebraska Extension, [0:05] Rural Prosperity, Nebraska Extension Educator [0:07] based in Garfield Loop and Wheeler Counties.Testing. Testing.

[0:14] Rural communities need rural community [0:16] leaders to grow and thrive [0:17] but these leaders also need to be nurtured [0:20] as they step into these informal and formal [0:23] leadership capacities.

[0:24] Nebraska Extension works with [0:26] communities across the state [0:27] to help build up this leadership capacity. [0:30] Nebraska Extension accomplishes this by [0:32] working along side a community [0:34] to create a framework [0:35] for community leadership [0:36] development program [0:37] that matches [0:38] the communities needs and goals. [0:40] This partnership is critical [0:42] as community leadership development [0:44] is built upon relationships [0:46] and local contacts. [0:48] This might look like a [0:50] multi-month program, a complement to [0:52] an existing leadership program [0:54] or be offered as sessions [0:55] integrated into community initiatives.

[0:59] We also encourage communities [1:00] to consider ways they can bring [1:02] youth into these opportunities [1:04] to build up next generation leaders [1:05] along side adults [1:06] growing in their leadership.

[1:08] More over,[1:09] in the sessions and lessons [1:11] that Extension Educators teach[1:13] we are drawing upon [1:14] the research and expertise [1:15] of University of Nebraska-Lincoln facility [1:18] applying a place based lens [1:20] and helping leaders grow right in their own communities. [1:25] Ultimately our goal is to work with [1:27] a community to design [1:28] a program that is locally self sustaining [1:31] where leaders help grow [1:32] the next generation of community leaders [1:34] and create a culture of leadership. [1:40] We have seen these community leadership [1:43] develop programs make a difference [1:45] here in rural Nebraska. [1:46] Given the varied goals of communities, [1:49] we want a someone a aspiring leader [151] to design and work together on project, [1:53] like a promotional video, a community event [1:55] or an improvement at the park. [1:57] Other communities have sought [1:59] to create networking and organizational match [2:01] activities for aspiring leaders creating a path for [2:04] involvement in leadership opportunities. [2:06] Putting those leadership skills [2:08] into action, [2:09] we see those who participated [2:11] in these programs go onto to serve on [2:13] church, Extension Board, non-profit and [2:15] local economic development boards, [2:17] both locally and statewide. [2:19] Moreover, these folks [2:20] take on leadership roles at work, [2:22] or go on to run for school board, [2:24] city council or county offices. [2:27] And when working at it best, [2:29] we see a leader taking initiative [2:31] around a community opportunity. [2:33] Leveraging the capacity for visioning, [2:35] empowering others and making things happen in their home towns. [2:39] In part drawing upon the skills [2:41] they have developed [2:42] through the local leadership [2:44] development program.

[2:46] If you would like to learn more [2:48] or have questions about [2:49] developing a community leadership [2:51] development program in your town, [2:53] please reach out to me at [2:54] jordan.rasmussen@unl.edu or [2:58] check us out online at [3:00] https://ruralprosperityne.unl.edu [3:04] For Nebraska Extension, [3:05] I'm Jordan Rasmussen.