Holt/Boyd 4-H Volunteer Leader Enrollment Information

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Volunteer Code of Conduct 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Nebraska 4-H! We are very excited to have you as a potential volunteer of this amazing 4-H Youth Development Program. The Nebraska Extension 4-H Volunteer application process includes an active updated profile on 4honline and a volunteer screening.

With the transition to the NEW 4-H online system every volunteer is required to go through an initial background screening process through DHHS in order to become an approved volunteer in 4-Honline and be covered by Nebraska 4-H Insurance during a 4-H Event (meeting, practice, workshop, competition, etc.)

All volunteers (teens and adults) and staff who work with youth are also required to complete the volunteer screening again every five years. All counties in Nebraska are on a 5-year rotation for ALL volunteers to be re-screened. Be assured the volunteer screening process is confidential.

Volunteers are screened in order to ensure a safe, positive and nurturing environment for all youth involved with Nebraska 4-H programs and provide protection for the child, volunteer, educator, 4-H Council, Extension Board, and Nebraska Extension. In order to complete the volunteer screening, please click or copy and paste the following link and follow all instructions:  https://ecmp.nebraska.gov/DHHS-CR/CheckRequest/BeginOrgCheck/81102416. Please note that only applications started through this link will be verified as part of Nebraska 4-H. The screening will cost the volunteer $5 which will need to be paid online at the time of completing the volunteer screening.

Volunteer Roles: 

Volunteers are able to select from three different volunteer types in 4-H Online. Volunteers will need to select more than one to be able to select a club and project. 

  • Program: County volunteer only. Will not be associated with a club or a specific project area.  

  • Project: Project volunteer only. Will be able to select project area, but will not be able to select a club.  

  • Club: Club leaders and club project leaders. Will be able to select a club, but will not be able to select projects.

Where and How to Enrollment in 4-H
4-H Clubs -
Pick Your Project -
Manual Order Forms for 4-H Volunteer Leaders -
  • Holt/Boyd 4-H Volunteer Leader Order Form - link TBA
  • If project is not listed; there is no manual available