Holt/Boyd 4-H Volunteer Leader Enrollment Information

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Where and How to Enrollment in 4-H -

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Volunteer Leader Screening

Volunteer Leader Screening - Screening is to be done when you enroll as a Volunteer Leader and each Extension District will renew on a rotation system. The Northeast rotation years will be 2020, again in 2025. Information has been sent out from the Extension Office.  If you have not received the information call your county office.

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Manual Order Forms for 4-H Volunteer Leaders - 

  • Holt/Boyd 4-H Volunteer Leader Order Form -(docx) OR (pdf)
  • Use Firefox over Chome to open.  After the order forms is visible - Remember to "download" it.  (Just because you can see it doesn't mean it is "open".)
  • Open using your Word OR Adobe Reader
  • If project is not listed; there is no manual available 
  • You can save a copy of this form on your computer - BUT you will have to rename it or else it will save it will save as the blank form - without the information that you added.