Holt/Boyd 4-H Independent Member Enrollment

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Where and How to Enrollment in 4-H -

Pick a 4-H Club - 

  • When you are enrolling on v2.4honline.com as an Independent 4-H member on the clubs tab you still need to choose either Holt County Independent Member or Boyd County Independent Member before you can enroll in any projects
4-H Projects -
  • 4-H Projects - Scroll down to red border.  Click on the down arrow next to the curriculum areas that you are interested in. You can click on the various project that are linked in the dropdowns.  Those links will take you to an description and the manual that would be the resource for that project.

Manual Order Forms for 4-H Members -

  • Holt/Boyd Clover Kid & 4-H Member Manual Order Form - go.unl.edu/manualorder

    • If project not listed; there is no manual availbable
    • Do not choose Clover Kid projects
    • Holt County - 4-H'er receives 6 manuals free of charge Additional manual will cost $5.00 each.
    • Boyd County - You or your club will be billed for the cost of all publications

Holt County Dues - 

  • Holt County 4-H Enrollment Dues Form (docx) OR (pdf) OR (fill-in pdf)
    Payable to Holt County 4-H Council by April 1. Dues are $10.00 per 4-H member (age 8-18) and $5.00 per Clover Kid member (age 5-7). These dues are used for member insurance, materials, record books, publications, and to support county 4-H activities.

Summer Workshop Flyer -  

  • Holt/Boyd Summer Workshop Flyer 
    This will be online ASAP.  

Independent Members Checklist

Calendars -