Holt/Boyd 4-H Independent Member Enrollment

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Where and How to Enrollment in 4-H -
Pick a 4-H Club - 
  • When you are enrolling on ne.4honline.com as an Independent 4-H member on the clubs tab you still need  so choose either Holt County Independent Member or Boyd County Independent Member before you can enroll in any projects
Pick Your Project -
Manual Order Forms for 4-H Members -
  • Holt/Boyd Clover Kid and 4-H Member Manual Order Form
    • Use Firefox over Chome to open.  After the order forms is visible - Remember to "download" it.  (Just because you can see it doesn't mean it is "open".)
    • Open using Adobe Reader
    • If project not listed; there is no manual availbable
    • Holt County - 4-H'er receives 6 manuals free of charge Additional manual will cost $5.00 each.
    • Boyd County - You or your club will be billed for the cost of all publications
    • You can save a copy of this form on your computer - BUT you will have to rename it or else it will save it will save as the blank form - without the information that you added.
Holt County Dues - 
Summer Workshop Flyer -  
  • Holt/Boyd Summer Workshop Flyer 
    This will be online ASAP.  
Independent Members Checklist
Calendars -