Pre-Fair Contests

  • Bicycle Road-E-O - Date: TBA, June 2023 at the Hall County Extension Office (subject to change). Show off your bicycle skills & knowledge!  Open to all Hall County 4-H'ers, age 5-18; pre-registration is required.  Contact Megan at (308) 385-5088 for more information.
  • Online Horticulture Judging Contest - The contest will be available TBA, June 2023 at

    Horticulture judging contest consists of three parts. The first is identification of plant material. Participants identify the plants by common name from a plant list. Specimens may be alive or preserved plant parts like stems, twigs, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, bulbs, tubers, or plant products.

    The second is a knowledge portion, usually in the form of a true/false or multiple choice quiz. Questions will test the contestant's knowledge of cultural practices for horticultural crops, plant science, pesticides, horticultural careers and other topics related to the production, processing and consumption of horticultural crops.

    The last portion is judging or placings. This is where four different plants, plates of vegetables, or containers flowers are ranked from best to worst based on a set of criteria. Classes are judged on the basis of condition, quality, uniformity, true-to-type, and size.

    More details at:

    More information about the Nebraska State contest can be found in the Fairbook .

    If you have questions, feel free to contact Elizabeth Exstrom at or 308-385-5088.

  • Ice Cream Roll - Date: TBA, July 2023. The contest is open to any 4-H member enrolled in Cooking 101 (or Making Food for Me for Clover Kids). Call the Extension Office at 308-385-5088 to pre-register for a time.
  • Culinary Challenge - Date: TBA, July 2023. The contest is open to any 4-H member enrolled in a Foods project. Each exhibit will consist of a theme (4-H member’s choice), a menu card, one food item prepared from the menu, recipe for the prepared food item, one or two place settings and a centerpiece. Call the Extension Office to pre-register. Please call Cami at (308) 385-5088 if you have any questions.


Shooting Sports

Hall County 4-H offers many different disciplines with certified 4-H Shooting Sports leaders.  Check out all of the upcoming Hall County Shooting Sports events & leader information.  All Hall County 4-H members who participate in practices and competitions must have enrolled in 4-H ( and completed the parental authorization in 4-H Online before the first practice.  If you have any questions, please call the Extension office at (308) 385-5088.

Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Program - State Shooting Sports Schedule


Hall County 4-H Fine Arts Night

(A Combination of Speech & Talent Contests)

Date: TBA, April/May 2023 @6:30 pm, College Park Auditorium

(Registrations due TBA to the Hall County Extension Office.)

Excited about 4-H? Express yourself verbally through the 4-H Public Speaking Contest or perform a talent at the 4-H Fine Arts Night. Youth have the opportunity to write a Speech or a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that incorporates the topic of 4-H and deliver it to an audience.  The 4-H Public Speaking Contest helps youth develop skills for communicating about current issues to real audiences, learn how to organize and prepare a speech, develop speech delivery skills, learn how to present themselves to others, and develop self-confidence.

For questions or more information, contact LaDonna at or (308) 385-5088.


Upcoming Shows & Events in Nebraska:  Horse, Livestock & Small Animal

*More events added as we become aware of them.