Sandhills Plant Identification

 Plant M Characteristics:

  • Warm season grass
  • Rhizomes
  • Perennial
  • Long tapering leaves
  • Hair on sheath and collar
  • Dark on back side of leaf at collar
  • White lines on outside of leaves
  • Flat 2D shape
  • Tall grass, whitish seedhead
  • Excellent forage value

 SeedheadBunch of grass with long, narrow leaves

 Long, tapering leaves


 Plant N Characteristics:

  • Forb
  • Perennial
  • Low forage value
  • Large, serrated leaves
  • Round seeds develop in fall at top of plant
  • May cause allergies from pollen
  • Seeds are good forage for wildlife- birds, grouse, turkey, and deer
  • Rhizomatous
  • Leaf surface covered with short stiff hairs

 Serrated leaves, mature seeds


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