Sandhills Plant Identification

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Sandhill Plant Identification

Practice your plant identification skills.  Test your plant ID by clicking on the plants.  Or download the entire list (PDF file, 1.18 MB).  Listed below are the possible names of the plants.

Answer Key for Plants A-T


Possible Names of Sandhills Plants

Warm Season GrassesSand dropseed flagleaf

  • Prairie sandreed
  • Sand dropseed
  • Sand bluestem
  • Sand lovegrassPricklypoppy flower
  • Switchgrass
  • Blue grama
  • Hairy grama
  • Little bluestem
  • Sandhill muhlyCactus

Cool Season Grasses

  • Needleandthread
  • Prairie junegrass
  • Six weeks fescueCudweed sagewort
  • Western wheatgrass
  • Reed canarygrass


  • Riddell groundsel
  • Western ragweed
  • Cudweed sagewort
  • Stiff sunflower


  • Rush
  • Sedge