Snapshots of your Grasslands

GrassSnap- a mobile app to monitor rangelands

A Mobile App for Monitoring Grasslands

GrassSnap makes checking grass as easy as checking salt or water!

MoMonitoring pastures with GrassSnap app on mobile devicenitoring is the key to good rangeland/pasture management and photo-monitoring can be a straight forward tool to use. However, there can be issues like getting the same landscape view between years, ensuring the pictures have been stored in an easily downloaded and useable manner, and that written comments are tied to the correct image.

But no longer! With GrassSnap, photo-monitoring is a snap! This app assists producers in grabbing  repeatable photo-monitoring data, and saving it on their smart device in an orderly fashion so it can be downloaded to the home computer to study.

User Manual for Apple Version of GrassSnap 

Download Pictures to PC Computer- Apple Version of GrassSnap

Download Pictures to Mac Computer- Apple Version of GrassSnap

User Manual for Android Version of GrassSnap  

Download Pictures to Computer- Android Version of GrassSnap

The Apple version of GrassSnap is available at the iTunes Store.  Search for "UNL GrassSnap".
The Android version of Grass Snap is available at the Play Store.  Search for "UNL Grass Snap" (be sure to include a space between the words).

If your smart device tells you there is an update for GrassSnap, upload the new version.  Any pictures or data on your smart device will be saved if you upload a new version.

*As new apps can experinece bugs, please contact us with the issue, type of phone, and operating system.*

 GrassSnap photo stamps the pasture name, GPS location, date and direction looking on all pictures and data.

Check out the unique features of the app, like the ghost image that allows the producer to effortlessly replicate the landscape view each year. Or how the app applies your pasture name (monitoring date and GPS location) to all images for that pasture (transect) and then saves them so they are ready to be directly added to the folder of previous years' images. No renaming of picture files needed!

Watch these videos to learn more:

Brief Overview of Monitoring Grasslands with GrassSnap

Gather Supplies Before You Begin Monitoring Pastures

How to Photo-Monitor your Grasslands

Estimate Pasture Production by Clipping

How to Use the GrassSnap App

Techniques to Use for Monitoring

This app is a go-to tool for those enrolled in the NRCS CSP grazing management enhancement (PLT02).  Ask your local NRCS office if you can submit pictures electronically. 

Click here for instructions to download photographs & data from your iPad to your computer. (PDF, 1350 KB)

 FInding a monitoring spot on the ranch

GrassSnap Help Videos (Apple Version)

GrassSnap Help Videos (Android Version)

"Getting to Know Your Pastures- Techniques to Enhance Monitoring" NebGuide G2212