4-H Enrollment 2023-2024

The opening date for statewide 4-H enrollment was October 16th.

Starting in the 2023-2024 program year, project selection is now optional. By successfully completing the 4-H member enrollment by the June 15th deadline, youth will be eligible to participate and exhibit in any project area, contest, county and state fairs. While project selection is optional, it is encouraged for youth to select projects they are interested in exploring.

Please note:

o Youth are only eligible to exhibit in a project area or contest in a single county.

o Horse and shooting sports projects will continue to require project enrollment due to the parental consent required to participate in these projects.

All leaders and volunteers also need to be enrolled on 4honline. There is no fee for adults to enroll. All volunteers in our 4 counties will need to be screened through the DHHS. Call the office if you need more information.