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4-H is education for life that uses a learn-by-doing approach.

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Burt County 4-H

First Time for Everything

          You’d think after doing this job for 40 years that I’d have done everything, but not in Extension! There’s always a new opportunity waiting around the next corner.


Nebraska State Fair

          If you are planning to attend the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island this year make sure you check the schedule. There have been a few changes and I’d hate to have you go the wrong weekend and miss your favorite events.

Green Blur of Activity!

 It’s been a blur of 4-H activities the past week or so which seemed to create a green blur for many – especially me! Here’s a quick rundown of past and future opportunities!

 4-H Adventure Camp

Personal Column

Mary Loftis

NE Extension Associate

May 29, 2019


4-H Season is in Full Swing

     Hopefully all 4-H members got enrolled in 4-H by June 1 and also enrolled in the projects in which they want to exhibit at the county fairs and beyond. Call us immediately if you have problems or questions at 402-374-2929.

Here are some more 4-H activities your family members might enjoy taking part in this summer. Remember to sign up soon!


Summer Workshops and Camps Planned!

4-H Online Enrollment – June 1 Deadline!

Now is the time to enroll in 4-H this year! JUNE 1 is the Deadline if you want to exhibit at the county fair. For the 2019 4-H Enrollment, 4-H members and leaders will not have past 4-H projects listed in the new enrollment system. However, if you want to review what a member or leader enrolled in the past as you identify and add projects for 2019 (2018-2019) follow the steps below: GO TO: https://ne.4honline.com/