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Nebraska Extension in Burt County delivers research-based education and information to citizens throughout the county. These educational programs, delivered via a variety of methods, are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement. Our objective is to provide programs and other educational resources locally.

Our staff of extension educator and extension specialists, technicians, and support personnel specializes is providing programs throughout the county, and together with staff from all of Nebraska's 93 counties, we contribute to more than 1.5 million educational contacts each year with Nebraska citizens. Our 4-H Youth Development Program, for example, reaches more than two hundred youth in Burt County alone. Statewide, 4-H touches the lives of more than 90,000 youth each year.

Nebraska Extension is built to provide practical education that focuses on issues which influence daily life that helps to keep Nebraska competitive in a global society. Extension Specialists and Extension Educators are committed to a theme of excellence with educational programs customized to meet the needs of Nebraskans.

Nebraska Extension - Burt County
   Burt County Courthouse
   111 North 13th Street, Suite 6
   Tekamah, NE 68061-1098
   Phone: (402) 374-2929
   Fax: (402) 374-2930
   E-mail: burt-county@unl.edu
   Map: Burt County Courthouse

Resident Staff

Nick Bohannon

Online Content


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Julie Fleischman

Seasonal Office Support Staff

Sharon Wimer

Office Manager


Mary Loftis

Extension Associate

4-H Youth Development        


Carroll Welte

Extension Educator

Community Vitality Initiative


John Wilson

Extension Educator, Unit Leader

Cropping & Water Systems    


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Regional Experts

Program Expert: Title: Program: Phone: E-Mail:
Natalia Bjorklund Extension Educator Community Environment 402-727-2775 nbjorklund3@unl.edu
Jennifer Hansen Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development 402-385-6041 jhansen6@unl.edu
Larry Howard Extension Educator Beef Systems 402-372-6006 lhoward1@unl.edu
Lisa Poppe Extension Educator The Learning Child 402-727-2775 lpoppe2@unl.edu
Rebecca Versch Extension Educator Food, Nutrition & Health 402-426-9455 rversch1@unl.edu