4-H/FFA Livestock Info

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Exhibitors will be required to enroll in 4-H and the required projects by June 15 in 4H Online to participate in County and State Fair.


2023 4-H Deadline Letter 

YQCA (Youth Quality Care of Animals)

Exhibitors will be required to complete Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) for those enrolled in 4-H/FFA, all Livestock including: Beef, Goats, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep and Swine by June 15. Complete modules/registration at https://yqcaprogram.org

 TAGGING/TATTOOING – June 15 (Burt County Tagging Info (2023) & 4-H State Fair Livestock Nomination (2023))

  • Livestock tags required for Market Beef, Feeder Calves, Bucket Calves.
  • Tattoos required for Registered Breeding Beef and Rabbits, optional for Commercial Breeding Beef (if not EID tagged)
  • Scrapies tags required for Market/Breeding Goats and Market/Breeding Sheep
  • Ear notches required for County Market Swine
    • STATE FAIR ONLY – EID tags required for all Market/Breeding Swine


Required for County Fair for the following:

STATE FAIR - Eligible Livestock 4-Hers (4-H age: 9+ NEW FOR 2023)

Online nominations & DNA envelopes for ALL Livestock including: Beef, Goats, Sheep and Swine are due June 15th (needed to be eligible to show at State Fair).  Please reference enclosed document for nomination requirements. All nominated and validated animals will be automatically listed as a choice option for entry registration. Families will pay for nominations online. NOTE: NEW IN 2023 ALL Livestock must have DNA to be eligible to show at State Fair.

  • Nominations through Show Stock Manager, https://showstockmgr.com/ - due June 15
  • DNA envelopes to Extension Office – due June 15

The following species must be nominated & have DNA envelopes to exhibit at the State Fair:

  • Market Beef
  • Registered Breeding Beef
  • Commercial Breeding Beef
  • Feeder Calf
  • Market Swine
  • Breeding Swine
  • Market Sheep
  • Breeding Sheep
  • Market Goats
  • Breeding Goats
*Please note a female beef, goat, sheep and swine animals can be nominated for both breeding and market for State Fair so long as all online nominations and payments are completed. * 

It is highly important that your county affidavits be accurate for breeding animals, as this is what your online nominations will be validated against.

 Instructions for the nomination process can be found here: https://4h.unl.edu/livestock-id.

Simply go to https://showstockmgr.com/ to start the process.


Below is the information from the DNA envelopes that you will need for nomination:

  • Exhibitor Name
  • Species
  • EID Tag Number
  • Visual Tag
  • Animal Gender
  • Weigh In Date
  • Starting Weight
  • Premise ID
For information about Aksarben questions please refer to their website. https://www.aksarbenstockshow.com/  DNA for strictly Aksarben is due July 1st.


  • Will a family have to submit DNA and pay twice for an animal to be eligible for both State Fair and the Aksarben Stock Show?
    • No. All DNA submitted by June 15 will also be eligible for Aksarben Stock Show.

 Let us know if you have questions.