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October 1, 2018

The Picnic Beetle

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


October 8, 2018

The Benefits of Fallen Leaves

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


It’s too bad autumn’s fallen leaves are seen as a nuisance, something to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. In truth, they are a boon to landscapes, serving as mulches, benefiting soils, and boosting our compost piles. Not only are leaf piles fun to jump in and make for great leaf fights, by using leaves, we keep this resource out of landfills.


October 15, 2018

October Musings on the Vegetable Garden

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


Recently my friend Mary Anna returned from out of town to find her vegetable garden had been visited and the butternut squash eaten.  Teeth marks on the squash remnants indicated that one or more squirrels were the culprits.  Butternut squash wouldn’t necessarily be a squirrel’s first choice but as the growing season slows, all animals will look to our vegetable gardens as a ready food source.


October 22, 2018

Fall Garden Clean Up

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


When cleaning up the fall garden, it’s hard to know what should be cleared away and what should stay.  Gurus of tidiness opt for removing everything now in order to start with a clean slate in the spring.  But is there such a thing as too much tidiness?  It turns out that, yes indeed, that can be true. 


October 24, 2018


4-H Enrollment

October 18, 2018 


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