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November 8, 2018 

Sampling for SCN... Part Art & Part Science!

I frequently talk about WHY we need to sample for soybean cyst nematodes or SCN. It causes more yield losses than all other soybean diseases combined. As harvest wraps up, and I realize there are a lot of you out there that are running behind on harvest, this is the time of year when the most samples are taken. This is an excellent time because hopefully things have slowed down a bit, the ground isn’t frozen yet, and you remember or you can look at your yield maps and identify those areas or fields where yields did not meet expectations.

Autumn Leaf Colors

November 5, 2018

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


This season’s autumn colors have been exceptional. Shortened day lengths, sunny and warm days, cool nights, and adequate soil moisture provide the perfect conditions to showcase autumn’s greens, golds, reds, oranges and coppers in our trees and shrubs.  Fall leaf color is a dynamic process, influenced by the decline and production of pigments within leaves.  It isn’t unusual for leaf colors to fluctuate throughout fall or to have a myriad of colors at the same time on one tree.

November 1, 2018

Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Marestail in Fall

Abundant rain since August in our area has promoted the relatively early emergence of winter annual weeds, particularly marestail. Marestail, also known as horseweed, is a winter or summer annual weed in Nebraska. Historically, marestail was found in waste areas and field edges and along roads and railroad tracks. However, no-till crop production systems over the last 25 years have favored marestail germination and establishment in agronomic crops in Nebraska.

November 1, 2018

Medicare Open Enrollment Time is Wasting!


          If you are a Medicare recipient (or have a family member who is), time is wasting to compare Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and/or Medicare Advantage Plans.

          Unfortunately, it might not only be time you are wasting as there have been many changes to the drug plans, old plans leaving, new plans coming in and price and pharmacy changes across the board.

October 29, 2018

Saving Seeds

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator

Long before the advent of seed catalogs, gardeners saved seed from their prettiest, tastiest and most promising flowers and vegetables of the gardening season, discarding the seeds from the blah, the unattractive and the poor producers.  In essence, gardeners have helped mold the shape of gardening selections, making them some of the earliest purveyors of genetic modification.

Today, the farm-to-table movement has generated new interest in the time-honored practice of seed saving. Before starting seed saving, there are two concepts that are worth knowing and understanding.

October 25, 2018 

The “Bugs” Are Back!

It happens every year and last week was no exception. A day or two after my neighbors harvest their soybeans, our house is inundated by Multicolored Asian Ladybird Beetles, commonly referred to as ladybugs. Soybean fields are their most common summer home where they provide a great service to farmers by feeding on soybean aphids. They have prevented the need for millions of dollars in insecticide applications by feeding on this pest!


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