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May 30, 2018

Holcus Leaf Spot in Corn

Frequent rains earlier this month and any future hard rains are conditions favorable for the development of a disease we occasionally see in corn fields. Fortunately it is not a serious problem, but it can cause a lot of anxiety for farmers when they see this in their fields.

May 30, 2018

New To Medicare Educational Program – June 21

By Mary Loftis, SHIIP Counselor


If you are turning 65 in 2018 and/or are considering going off an employer’s insurance plan in the near future this “New to Medicare” program is designed for you.

June 6, 2018

Volunteer Corn

            I think volunteer corn has been a problem as long as farmers have been growing corn. However, stock rot last summer and high winds last fall resulted in more downed corn in some areas. This is in addition to normal harvest losses. This resulted with more volunteer corn in some fields this spring.

May 23, 2018

Be Aware of Scams

There is never a time when you can let your guard down as far as people trying to get information and/or money from you, but right now is an especially crucial time to be very careful with your personal information.

May 23, 2018

Scout Emerging Corn for Insects

With a lot of our corn planting being delayed this year, fields may be more susceptible to early season insect damage. As corn begins to emerge, be alert to the potential for damage from early season insects such as cutworms, wireworms or white grubs. Wireworms and white grubs are most often associated with fields that have been in pasture or CRP where the grasses were allowed to grow for more than one year. It is rare to see these problems in continuously cropped fields, but exceptions happen.

May 18, 2018

Medicare Basics Workshop

          Sixty-Five is the magic number for Medicare eligibility, but is it magic for you?

Everyone’s life has a different scenario. Some individuals plan to continue to work and have employer insurance; others have personal insurance and have different needs while some couples have combinations of the two. There isn’t just one correct answer for all these examples. Knowing your options is helpful when trying to decide what you need to do.


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