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November 2, 2017

Controlling Marestail

            Last week I talked about noxious weed control, those weeds that are determined by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture“ pose a serious threat to the economic, social, or aesthetic well-being of the residents of the state.” This recommendation has not changed, fall is an excellent time to control noxious weeds... and you are required by law to control them.

October 26, 2017

Control Noxious Weeds NOW!

            I know most folks are not near it yet, but when harvest winds down, there is another important task that you need to remember. Late October and early November is the best time of year to control two of our most common noxious weeds, Canada thistle and musk thistle.

October 19, 2017

Fire Safety At Harvest

Harvest is always a busy time of year. The past week and the weeks ahead will see a lot of this year’s crop being harvested after a wet start in late September and early October. However, we can’t let the rush to get crops harvested come before safety.


Besides my job for Nebraska Extension, I have another job... that of a volunteer firefighter and EMT for almost 35 years. Each year we discuss problems we are likely to encounter because harvest is a time of year when we have an increased number of calls.

October 8, 2017

National 4-H Week!

National 4-H Week was last week, but if you know of someone who would like to check out what the 4-H program can offer please contact the Nebraska Extension office in Burt County at 402-374-2929 and we’ll help you see where they can fit best in 4-H!

4-H in Burt County doesn’t go all out to celebrate National 4-H Week since our clubs are just worn out from the busy summer and fair seasons. However, I do make the effort to do the National 4-H Science Experiment during National 4-H Week.


October 5, 2017

Reduce Soil Compaction at Harvest

            Harvest is one of my favorite times of year. Watching fields being harvested takes me back to my days of growing up on a farm in the Platte River valley. One big difference is our soils were sandier than many soils in northeast Nebraska and susceptible, but less prone to compaction. However, compaction can occur on sandy soils, too.

September 28, 2017

Fall is the BEST Time to Control Lawn Weeds

            We are just entering the best time of year to control many problem broadleaf weeds in turf. October is the BEST time to control dandelions, white clover, ground ivy and other perennial weeds that are a perennial problem for people trying to keep their lawns looking nice. Actually you might want to wait until we’ve had a killing frost.


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