Special Garden Project

Special Garden Project 2024 - Princess of India Nasturtium

The focus of the 2024 Special Garden Project is the Princess of India Nasturtium. This Victorian-era heirloom flower can be grown in a variety of ways including in containers. It provides a splash of color from its scarlet flowers, and much of the plant can be eaten.

4-H members participating in the Special Garden Project will:

  • Receive a packet of Princess of India Nasturtium seeds in March or April
  • Receive information about planting and growing, problems and insects, and harvesting and using nasturtium
  • Be able to exhibit this unique flower and County and State Fair
  • Complete an evaluation about their growing experience.

More information is available at https://4h.unl.edu/special-garden-project.  To reserve your seeds, complete the Google form here.