Pesticide Class for Private Applicators

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pesticide products as restricted-use pesticides (RUP) if they pose an increased risk to human health or the environment. To purchase and use RUPs, a person must be certified/licensed by the state where they will be using the products. Nebraska Extension provides the pesticide safety training required to become certified/licensed. In Nebraska, applicator licenses last three years and must then be renewed.

A private applicator license allows a person to apply RUPs to property owned or rented by them for the purpose of producing agricultural commodities. It also allows them to apply RUPs to the property of another producer on their behalf, as long as there is no compensation other than trading of personal services.

In-Person Private Pesticide Safety Education Trainings:

For list of  in-person training dates - 2024 PSEP Private Training Dates

Pre-registration is suggested to facilitate room set up. Register online at 

If you are feeling sick, please do not attend the training. 

Bring the following items with you to an in-person training:

  • Government issued photo ID (driver's license)
  • Bar-coded recertification form (Received in the mail in December from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture)
  • $60.00 cash or check made out to University of Nebraska - Lincoln

After completing the training, the NDA will mail you a postcard requesting payment of a $25 licensing fee. Once the licensing fee is paid, a three-year license is issued.  Any questions regarding your license, please contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at 402-471-2351.

For on-line private self-study program, please visit UNL Pesticide Safety Training Program website

Contact Bruno Lena at Nebraska Extension - Platte County Office with questions on Private Pesticide Training.

Bruno Lena

Phone: (402) 563-4901


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