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The Center for Ag Profitability (CAP) represents the responsive and trusted source of agricultural business management research and education.

CAP Mission Supporting informed economic decision-making in agriculture through applied research and education.

More about CAP Aiming to produce yield or pounds is not enough. The potential financial impact of each farm decision has become too great to ignore. Today’s economic environment requires that farmers and ranchers prioritize financial and business considerations. Through our workshops and webinars, multiple publications and podcasts each week, decision tools and other resources, CAP is well situated to help producers and ranchers make better decisions and improve financially.

CAP.UNL.EDU is your one-stop website for the essential management information you need for essential decisions. Visit for regularly updated analysis, decision tools, webinars, and education, including:

  • Farm programs, trade, and disaster assistance programs
  • Land values, cash rents, and lease negotiations
  • New Forage Value Calculator
  • New Ag Budget Calculator
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Custom rates survey report
  • Livestock budgets and decision tools
  • Financial record-keeping workshops
  • Nebraska Strong Financial Services

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