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The 2020 Census is a simple form that determines funding and representation for our communities. An accurate census ensures our communities receive funding for schools, healthcare, housing, roads, and more.

The 2020 Census will NOT ask about citizenship status. Your information is confidential and safe. It cannot be shared.

Let’s do our part, Nebraska.
The census is easy, safe, and important.

Nebraska Extension provides the following information as a resource for people interested in the 2020 Census and its impact on Nebraska.

Census Questionnaires Are in the Mail

Starting on March 12, census questionnaires will start to appear in your mailbox.

Depending on how likely your area is to respond online, you’ll receive either an invitation encouraging you to respond online or an invitation along with a paper questionnaire. In areas where 20% or more of the households need Spanish assistance, the invitations will be in both English and Spanish.

To learn more about the 2020 Census mailings, visit the Census website.

Census Mailing Information
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Nebraska Counts

Nebraska Counts is a coalition of nonpartisan nonprofit organizations who serve thousands of fellow Nebraskans across the state.

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2020 Census

Visit the Census Bureau website to learn more about the census and how you can respond.

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Census Timeline

From Census Day to Dec. 31, find key dates for the 2020 Census.

Key Dates
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Avoiding Fraud and Scams

The U.S. Census Bureau is committed to making the 2020 Census quick, easy, and safe for all participants. Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Stay Safe
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Quick Facts

How many people live in Nebraska? What's the median household income? Find Census facts about Nebraska.

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Sample Census Form

Read for yourself the questions on the U.S. 2020 Census.

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Why the 2020 Census is Important to Nebraska

Did you know that the distribution of political representation and taxpayer’s dollars is based upon how many residents the Census counts?

Equal Representation in Government

The Census is conducted every 10 years to ensure equal representation in elected government at the federal, state, and local levels.

Return of Resident Tax Dollars to Nebraska

The Census establishes Nebraska’s proportion of all federal funds for the next 10 years. In fiscal year 2016, $3.995 billion in federal funds were obligated in Nebraska based upon resident counts from the 2010 Census and subsequent annual population estimates. This equates to $2,096 in federal funds distributed annually for each Nebraska resident. When residents are not counted the state loses federal dollars that should be sent to local areas. this table shows some of the ways that census population totals matter for the amount of dollars returned to Nebraska.

2016 Federal Returns to Nebraska
Transportation & Highways $421.1 M
Housing & Energy $289.6 M
Families & Children $525.9 M
Health & Insurance $1.585.6 M
Education $960.2 M
Rural Affairs $28.7 M
Community & Economic Support $65.3 M

Source: George Washington University, 2017

How Do I Take the 2020 Census?

How Does the 2020 Census Affect Representation?