Dr. Andrew Belser, Dean of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts visits North Platte

Dean Belser became the fifth dean of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Perform Arts in July of 2022. His goal is to meet the needs of students and teachers across the state. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania Dean Belser has a great appreciation in developing the arts for rural students. In his visit to North Platte he found many opportunities to connect with teachers and students in the area. LISTEN to Dean Belser's goals.

Youth Science Field Day

Students from the area high schools traveled to West Central Research Extension and Education Center to attend the Youth Science Field Day on Tuesday, October 18th or Wednesday, October 19th.  The event organized by Randy Saner, LLM Extension Office was well attended by 235 students from the North Platte and surrounding high schools.  Students were divided into smaller groups and attended 20 minutes sessions, learning more about food science, horticulture, entomology, ag business, pesticide management, water systems, livestock reproduction, wildlife conservation, range management, cropping systems and the beef stomach.  During lunch, recruitment specialists from NCTA and CASNR spoke about the University of Nebraska and Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

Entomology  cropping systems  wildlife management
Water, Crops and Soil Health Field Day

The Annual Water, Crops, and Soil Health Field Day will be held on August 25 at the West Central Research, Extension and Education Center. Watch the video to learn more about what the field day will hold.

ESU 16: TAPS for High School

The TAPS program facilitates a real-life farm management competition that allows participants to test different farming strategies and technologies. Local ag instructors are working with ESU 16 to create a TAPS curriculum that would teach high school students about the decision-making process that goes along with farming. Watch the video to learn more about the high school TAPS curriculum.

Assessing Freeze Injury to Wheat

Growers across the state are concerned about abnormally low temperatures that occurred several times over the past week.  With low temperatures in the early hours of May 21 and 22 along with winter wheat close to the normal growth stage at the present time, it has been subjected to a number of stressors this growing season. Dry planting conditions and continued drought have reduced crop tillering and vegetative growth, and scattered hail has occurred in a handful of wheat-growing regions. Continue reading the Crop Watch article

Water Riches Field Trip
Faculty, staff and students at WCREEC spent the day learning about Nebraska water and its history on June 9 with a Water Riches Field Trip.
The day was spent discussing the hydrogeology of Nebraska Sandhills, the High Plains Aquifer and the North Platte River near Lake Ogallala.
Retried Professor, Robert Diffendal, explained how the Brule Formation, the Ash Hallow Formation, and Broadwater Formation developed millions of years ago.
Central Public Power and Irrigation District hosted a tour at the Kingsley Hydroplant to explain the purpose of the plant and how it works.
The tour concluded at the water interpretive center to give context to all the points covered in the tour.
Thank you to Doug Hallum, Robert Diffendal, Shane Tucker, Jon Garbish and Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District for leading the tours and explaining the importance of Nebraska water and its history.
                                                          Water Riches group Water Riches tour  Water Riches group