Faculty Profile: Jerry Volesky

Jerry Volesky

About Jerry

My name is Jerry Volesky and I am a Professor and Range and Forage Specialist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln West Central Research, Extension and Education Center located in North Platte.  I have been with UNL for 28 years.  In January of this year, I also assumed the position of Interim Director of the Center for Grassland Studies. 

 What is your position at the West Central Research, Extension and Education Center? 

My appointment is 50% research and 50% teaching and responsibilities include conducting grazing management and forage systems research on native range and seeded pasturelands in central and western Nebraska.  Extension responsibilities include development and delivery of range and forage management programming for both adult and youth clientele in Nebraska.   

 What part of your job do you enjoy the most? 

I have found that a very rewarding part of my position has been that associated with Extension.  This includes having an active teaching role in different programs such as our Nebraska Ranch Practicum as well as working with individual clientele over the years.  Being able to provide them with sound advice or management options that they have successfully implemented is satisfying. 

 Who or what influences you the most? 

As a graduate student, my advisors certainly had a strong influence in shaping my professional career and through the years, I worked with a number of different colleagues that made both research and Extension programming enjoyable. 

 What is your life like outside of work? 

Outside side of work, I enjoy spending time gardening and hiking.  Upland bird hunting with a good dog is always a great activity in the fall and winter.