A Visit to the University of Nebraska's Pesticide Application Technology Lab

The National Agricultural Aviation Association had the opportunity to visit the University of Nebraska's Pesticide Application Technology Lab this past summer.  The purpose of the visit was to tour the lab and find out more about its research and the potential for future work involving aerial application.  Dr. Greg Kruger, associate professor and director of the PAT lab provided the tour and information on the research being conducted.  With the NAAA's permission, the article can be read in the Fall 2019 issue of Agricultural Aviation.

Dr. Kruger is a weed science and application technology specialist at the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte.  His research and extension efforts are focused on maximizing the efficacy of pesticide applications while also minimizing off-target movement.  The PAT lab was built in 2012 with the goal to conduct research and outreach activities to support the safe and effective application of pesticides.  With that goal, it focuses on both efficacy and drift mitigation, making the lab unique in researching both safety and effective application.