Pasture and Forage Minute

Since 1991, Bruce Anderson, a now retired Extension Forage Specialist, has been making is way across the air waves with his Hay and Forage Minute. When first starting out, he was broadcasted on three different stations, but more recently it has aired across as many as 50 Nebraska radio stations. Though Bruce is no longer producing these segments, the program has not gone away. Through the foundation and following that Bruce had built, the program will continue on as Pasture and Forage Minutes.  With the help of Nebraska Extension specialists and educators, the program, Pasture and Forage Minute programs will be produced each week. The voices behind the new program are Daren Redfearn (Forage Specialist), Jerry Volesky (Forage Specialist), Samantha Daniel (Crops and Water Educator), Samantha Sand (Ag Economics Educator), Brad Schick (Beef Educator), and Ben Beckman (Beef Educator).  

Recordings can be found at: