Washington County 4-H School Enrichment

The programs we provide are created to act as a supplement to the learning that is already happening in the classroom. By using the University of Nebraska Lincoln's "Learning by doing" curriculum, school enrichment sessions can help teachers engage students and improve the learning process while meeting Nebraska State Board of Education standards. Curriculum used in School Enrichment is developed at the University of Nebraska, Other Universities, or by the National 4-H Council.

How can I get involved? 

  1. Start by reviewing our 2021-2022 School Enrichment Booklet.

  2. Register for School Enrichment Programs by EMAILING the presenter listed or using this registration link. 

  • Be sure to include in your email or message: Teacher name, the best way to contact, classroom grade, classes you are interested in, and requested time frame for the lesson. 

Do I have to pay for school enrichment? 

We want to provide you with a curriculum that is accurate, age-appropriate, and engaging. In order to do this, we have added a small fee to every enrichment class to cover materials used.

We have researched other 4-H School Enrichment programs in Nebraska Extension and have found that most counties are charging for 4-H School Enrichment programs. These counties are receiving outstanding results when it comes to engagement, accessibility, and teacher support. 

Payments are accepted in the form of a check made out to University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If funding is an issue for your school, give us a call and we can find a way to help! 


Contact Tayler Wickham or Mickayla Blender to schedule any of the 4-H programs listed below!



FARM IN A GLOVE | Suggested Age 1st - 5th grade 

Knowledge about agriculture in Nebraska is important. Students will learn about Nebraska agriculture, parts of a plant & grow common crops in a glove. 

PRICE: $5/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

TIME: One - two 30-40 minute session

STANDARDS: Grades 1-3: SC 3.1 - SS 3.4, Grades 3-5: SC 3.1 - SS 3.4

AG LITERACY SERIES | Suggested Age 3rd - 5th grade

Agriculture is important in Nebraska. Through this series, students will learn more about a variety of areas of Agriculture. Sessions include Ag Technology, Beef, Dairy, Hogs, and Ag By-Products. 

(Supplemental sessions from Ag Literacy Festival held for all Washington County 3rd Grade students) 

PRICE: $5/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

TIME: Three 30-45 minute sessions

STANDARDS: Grades 1-3: SC 3.1 - SS 3.4, Grades 3-5: SC 3.1 - SS 3.4 

SOIL IS NOT A DIRTY WORD | Suggested Age 2nd grade 

Students will get to be “soil scientists.” In this school enrichment session, students will investigate different types of soil and see what they find in the soil! They will also take a look at what makes some soils better for growing plants than others. 

PRICE: $5/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

TIME: One 30-40 minute sessions

STANDARDS: SC2.1.1, SC5.1.1



Learn science, technology, engineering, and math skills with Washington County 4-H while getting to dive into hidden treasures located in your local library! This program’s theme is “Tails and Tales” to inform youth about animal habitats. This program engages youth by sparking their curiosity and is loaded with activities

                                                                                                                                   PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

                                                                                                                                                    TIME: Six 30 minute lessons

LOOK WHO'S HATCHING | Pre-K-2nd grade

Over a 3 week time period, students get the opportunity to witness a life cycle in the classroom. Students will learn about their chosen animal's life cycles. If they do not choose chickens, we will also describe their life cycle. Gives youth an opportunity to use creativity in what might hatch from an egg. 

                                                                                                                                                     PRICE: $10/Classroom

                                                                                                                                           PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

                                                                                                                                          TIME:  Three, 30-40 minute session

CHICK EMBRYOLOGY | Suggested age K-7th grade 

Over a 3 week time period, students get the opportunity to witness a life cycle in the classroom. Students will take responsibility to take care of fertilized eggs and learn about each stage of the life cycle. 


                                                                                                                                                  PRICE: $10/Classroom

                                                                                                                                         PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

                                                                                                                                       TIME: Three 30-40 minute sessions

                                                        STANDARDS: Grade 1: SC 1.6.2, Grade 2: SC 2.7.2, Grade 3: SC 3.9.3, Grade 4: SC 4.6.3, Grade 5: SC 5.8.2, Grade 6: SC 6.6.2 - 6.9.3, Grade 7: SC 7.8.4

HANDWASHING | Fun for ALL ages! 

Teaching students the FUN WAY to wash their hands the RIGHT WAY. We'll bring out the "Glitter Bug" to show students what it looks like when we don't wash the right way. Pairs great with any Nutrition Education program!

                                                                                                                                                   PRICE: FREE!

                                                                                                                                      PRESENTER(S): Mickalya Blender

                                                                                                                                      TIME: One 30-40 minute session

STEM IN THE CLASSROOM | Suggested Ages K-8th 

Teach youth about science, technology, engineering, and math activities with hands-on learning with common household items. 

                                                                                                                                     PRESENTER(S): Mickayla Blender

                                                                                                                                            TIME: 30-minute lessons



SMART CENTS | Suggested Ages 3rd-12th grade

Explore money management by taking a dive into financial literacy. Youth with discover financial decision making, income and employment, risk management, spending and saving, and credit and debit.

PRESENTER(S): Tayler Wickham

TIME: 30-60 minute sessions


  • Ag Literacy Festival - April 26-29, 2022 - More details to come! 
  • Connecting the Dots - More details to come! 



Contact Jordan Luxa for more information on scheduling Food, Nutrition & Health school enrichment programs!


NUTRITION KITS | Suggested age K-5th grade

The School Enrichment Kit program is a unique approach to educating Nebraska youth on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. The lesson plans meet the National Standards health curriculum objective required for the nutrition unit of each age group. The kits include handouts, visual aids, games, and family newsletters.

PRICE: $10/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Jordan Luxa 

TIME: Typically 45-60 minutes is spent on each lesson. Teachers spend an average of 5-6 hours teaching nutrition to their class. Classrooms are allowed to keep the kit for 4 weeks.

STANDARDS: Nebraska Science Standards: SC2.1.1a, SC2.1.1b, SC2.1.1.c, SC2.1.1.e, SC2.1.1.f, SC2.3.1.b, SC2.3.2.b, SC5.1.1.a, SC5.1.1.b, SC5.1.1.c, SC5.1.1.d, SC5.1.1.e, SC5.1.1.f, SC5.1.1.g, SC5.1.1.h, SC5.1.1.i, SC5.1.1.a, SC5.1.1.b, SC5.1.1.c, SC5.1.1.d, SC5.1.1.e, SC5.1.1.f, SC5.1.1.g, SC5.1.1.h, SC5.1.1.i, SC5.1.2.a, SC5.1.3.a, SC5.1.3.b, SC5.1.3.c, SC5.1.3.d

Nebraska Physical Education Standards: PE.K.1.1, PE.K.1.1.a, PE.K.1.1.b, PE.K.1.1.c, PE.K.4.1, PE.K.4.1.a, PE.K.4.2, PE.K.4.2.a, PE.K.4.4, PE.K.4.4.a, PE.K.4.5, PE.K.4.5.a, PE.1.1.1, PE.1.1.1.a, PE.1.2.1, PE.1.2.1.a, PE.1.3.4, PE.1.3.4.a, PE1.4.1, PE.1.4.2, PE.1.4.3, PE.1.4.4, PE.1.4.5, PE.1.5.1, PE.1.5.1.a, PE.2.1.3, PE.2.1.3.c, PE.2.1.3.d, PE.2.3.1, PE.2.3.4, PE.2.3.4.a, PE.2.5.1, PE.4.3.1.a, PE.4.3.2, PE.4.3.4, PE.4.3.4.d, PE.4.4.4, PE.4.4.5, PE.4.5.1, PE.4.5.4, PE.4.5.4.a, PE.5.3.1, PE.5.3.2, PE.5.3.4, PE.5.3.4.c, PE.5.4.1, PE.5.4.2, PE.5.4.3, PE.5.4.4, PE.5.4.5, PE.5.5.1

CHOOSE FOOD, FUN & FITNESS (CHFFF) | Suggested age 3rd-6th grade

CHFFF focuses on choosing healthy beverages, eating more fruit and veggies, reading the Nutrition Facts label, choosing more whole grain, eating healthier when eating out, and breakfast. Each lesson includes interactive nutrition activities, active games, goal setting, snack recipe, and a family newsletter.

PRICE: $10/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Jordan Luxa

TIME: Up to six 60 minute sessions 

TEEN CUISINE | Suggested age Middle & High School Students 

Teen Cuisine is a curriculum used with middle and high-school-aged youth to teach and encourage healthy eating behaviors and food preferences!

PRICE: $10/Classroom 

PRESENTER(S): Jordan Luxa

TIME: Up to six lessons, lasting 90 minutes. Contact us for more information! 


Give us a call & we will try to find a 4-H School Enrichment curriculum that fits your classroom needs!
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