4-H Project Resources

4-H Members & Families are welcome to take a look at our office copies of 4-H Project Resource Manuals. 

We are no longer stocking Project Resource Manuals, so 4-H Members & Families are encouraged to purchase through the National 4-H Mall or UNL Marketplace. 

How to search for 4-H Project Resource Manuals

2022 4-H Pick Your Project

All across Nebraska 4-H youth are beginning to select their 4-H projects for 2022! Let the Nebraska 4-H Pick Your Project help connect you with projects that fit your interests and skill levels!

  • ONLINE VERSION -  http://4hcurriculum.unl.edu 
    • The interactive, web-based Nebraska 4-H Pick Your Project is found online at the link above. Using Pick Your Project, youth, volunteers, and parents will be able to search for projects by keywords, curriculum areas, knowledge levels, and geographic level.
  • PRINT VERSION two options available
    • Option 1 | 4-H Curriculum Areas
      • On the right-hand side of the Pick Your Project page at https://4hcurriculum.unl.edu/index.php/main/index, there’s a “Looking for a printed version of 4-H curriculum areas?” header. These links display the curriculum areas that can be printed off. 
    • Option 2 | 4-H Project Listing

Where to purchase Project Resource Manuals

Project Codes

When enrolling through 4-H Online, make sure to select your 4-H Youth's projects they are interested in doing for the year. Projects must be selected in 4-H Online by June 15 for a 4-H Member to participate. Project codes (as seen in 4-H Online) are as follows:

  • AS = Animal Science
  • C&EA = Communications & Expressive Arts
  • C&FS = Consumer & Family Sciences
  • E = Entrepreneurship
  • EE&ES = Environmental Education & Earth Science
  • HL = Healthy Lifestyles
  • LC&PD = Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development
  • PS = Plant Science
  • SET = Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Level A = Beginning
  • Level B = Intermediate
  • Level C = Advanced
  • Level D = All Levels