4-H Achievement Application


NEW FOR 2019!! We will NO LONGER be using Career Portfolios as a form of year end records and judging for your 4-H experience. The state level changed to the Achievement Application last year and your 4-H Council has voted to follow along with this format for the county level.

There are two different forms, one for Juniors (8-14) and Seniors (15+). They are somewhat similar to the 4-H Story or a resume. But we encourage you to be creative and use your strengths to capture your 4-H experience. If possible we would love these to be done digitally. So simply fill out the forms and email them back to me at stacey.keys@unl.edu. Because this can be done digitally there is no need for a special binder or tabs.

To continue with our county awards we are also give you a one page limit to describe why you should get the county awards you are applying for this year. You will be allowed to pick 3 County Awards & 2 Addition Awards to apply for. You will only be allowed to win the county award once per age division.

Clover Kids are not required to do an Achievement Application but we have a similar version that they are more than welcome to fill out for the experience.

Please check with your 4-H Club leaders to see what your policy is for completing the Achievement Application and receiving your premium money from fair.

For more information go to https://4h.unl.edu/achievement-application or contact Stacey at the office.