2021 DT All Contest Day Winners

Dakota & Thurston County 4-Her’s with their trophies and ribbons

Dakota & Thurston County 4-Her’s got the chance to participate, in person, at the 4-H All Contest Day, held on April 10, 2021 at the United Church of Pender. Contests included Public Speaking, Music, & Favorite Foods. Judges for the contests were Karna Dam and Megan Unwin. We want to thank our judges for making this experience possible for our local 4-H youth.

Nine 4-H members were awarded ribbons as a part of the Public Speaking Contest, which included Speech & PSA. 4-H exhibitors prepare a speech or 60 second public service announcement (PSA) to present in front of an audience. From the county contest up to 5 speakers from the Intermediate and Senior divisions, from both Dakota & Thurston Counties, are selected by the judge in both speech and PSA to move on to the State 4-H Public Speaking contest in Lincoln on June 30, 2021.

Speech Contest Results:
Clover Kid Division (5-7 years old)

  • Addison  – Participation
  • Kate  - Participation

Junior Division (8-10 years old)

  • Logan  – Blue
  • Payton  – Purple (State)
  • Elle  – Purple, Junior Reserve Champion
  • Amaryn  – Purple, Junior Champion (State)

Intermediate Division (11-13 years old)

  • Brylea  – Purple, Intermediate Reserve Champion (State)
  • Rylie  – Purple, Intermediate Champion (State)

 PSA Contest Results:

Intermediate Division (11-13 years old)

  • Khloe  – Purple, Intermediate Champion (State)

Five 4-Hers also displayed their musical. This contest is only at the county level but it is amazing to see what the kids are capable of doing and what talents they have!

Music Contest Results:

Instrumental Music

  • Amaryn  (Jr), piano – Purple
  • Elle  (Jr), piano – Purple
  • Logan  (Jr), trumpet – Blue
  • Rylie  (Int), saxophone – Blue

Vocal Music

  • Khloe  (Int) - Blue


  • Amaryn  (Jr) – Purple & Best of Show

 When these contests were completed, judging moved onto the Favorite Foods contest. Select and prepare your favorite recipe; check. Plan a menu using that favorite recipe; check. Plan your table setting, add a center piece; check. Review the proper way to list a menu, and print on a 4x6 card; check. Print your favorite recipe on a 4x6 card; check. All of these steps were taken by the 4-H’ers that participated in this year 4-H Favorite Foods Contest.

Favorite Food Contest Results:

Clover Kids Division

  • Kate  – Participation

Junior Division

  • Amaryn  – Purple
  • Payton  – Purple, Junior Reserve Champion
  • Logan  – Purple, Junior Champion

Intermediate Division

  • Khloe  – Purple
  • Rylie  – Purple, Intermediate Reserve Champion
  • Brylea  – Purple, Intermediate Champion

 And our final contest, consisted of one 4-Her with a presentation. A presentation is very similar to a speech, except props are allowed to hance the learning process. That can be anything from a PowerPoint, to posters, to ingredients, or even a live animal. 4-Hers over the age of 10 years old are then eligible, if chosen by the judge, to compete at the State 4-H Presentation contest, traditionally held during the Nebraska State Fair.

Favorite Food Contest Results:

Junior Division

  • Amaryn  – Purple, Junior Champion (State)

Congratulations to all our participants and winners! Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge with us. And thank you to all the parents, families, and supporters who help so much behind the scenes to give these youth a great experience!