2024 Hamilton County Fair

Sarah Jensen

2024 4-H Fairbook- Official 

Animal ID Sheets

Bucket Calf Record Book (not required for Clover Kids)

2024 4-H Nebraska State Fair Exhibitor Checklist

Food & Nutrition

Food Preservation Card

Home Design & Restoration (formerly Home Environment)

Supporting Information: Supporting information is required for all exhibits. Information must include elements or principles of design used and steps taken to complete the project. Exhibits without supporting information will be dropped a ribbon placing.

Home Design & Restoration Supporting Information Tag


The cultivar or variety name must be included on all entry cards. If potted container with several cultivar or varieties identify each individually within the pot. Failure to identify the cultivar or variety will drop the entry one ribbon placing. Proper identification is the responsibility of the exhibitor, not the Extension staff or office personnel.

Special Garden Project- Start Here

Special Garden Project- What is it?

Special Garden Project- How to

Sugar Beet- 2024 4-H Special Agronomy Project Information

Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

Preparing Cut Flowers  


Preparing Photography Exhibits

Completing A Photography Exhibit Data Tag

Level 1 Data Tag

Level 2 Data Tag

Level 3 Data Tag

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Supporting Information