The Stress and Coping program is intended for adult audiences such as employee groups, organization members, or conference attendees.

Stress is defined as a need or demand people confront, that is perceived as burdensome or threatening, and can lead to physical or mental health problems (Pearlin 1989, Thoits 2010, Dimsdale 2008, Chen & Miller 2007, Keller et al., 2012).  It is relentless, attacking in the form of external sources on a regular basis. Stress is also a result of everyday choices we make that influence our mental and physical health, causing internal stressors that can be difficult to manage.  Nebraska Extension offers interactive online or in-person programs featuring awareness regarding

  • the variety of symptoms of stress
  • how stress manifests itself physically
  • coping strategies
  • tips for approaching and communicating with a stressed person
  • helpful resources for an overall higher quality of life

Stress & Coping

Stress Less

How to Talk With Farmers Under Stress

Communicating with Farmers Under Stress Workshop

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