Living Well in Rural Nebraska

Susan Harris, Extension Educator with Nebraska Extension in Kearney and Franklin Counties writes a monthly wellness article that is distributed to area newspapers.

2/2021 Vaping

1/2021 The Science of Gratitude

12/2020 Staying Connected During the Holidays

11/2020 The Value of Vaccine

10/2020 Medicare Open Enrollment

9/2020 AgrAbility Virtual Fair

8/2020 Stress Resources

7/2020 Keeping Summer Foods Safe

6/2020 Get Grilling

5/2020 Just Breathe

4/2020 Gardening

3/2020 Flood Anniversary

2/2020 Tractor Safety

1/2020 Winter Hazards

12/2019 Stress

11/2019 Listen Up!

10/2019 Make it a Safe Harvest Season

9/2019 Progressive Ag Safety Day

8/2019 Does Your Garden Runneth Over With Zucchini

7/2019 Stress Workshops for Ag Professionals

6/2019 Dehydration: A Hazard of Summer

5/2019 ATV/UTV -- Ride Safely This Summer

4/2019 Tough Times

3/2019 Teens and Tractors

2/2019 Screen Time

1/2019  Love Your Brain

12/2018 New Holiday Food Safety Traditions

11/2018 Women and Calcium

10/2018 Rural Stress

9/2018  How Scott Frost Uses Social Media

8/2018  It's a Sweet Life

7/2018  What's the Buzz on Insect Repellent and Kids

6/2018  Speak Up Against Bias

5/2018 Smelly Water From Your Faucet

4/2018 True Leaders Grow Here

2/2018  Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without (475kB)

1/2018 Sleepless in Nebraska (PDF, 1MB)
          - 30 Sleep Tips & Tricks (PDF, 951KB)

12/2017 Holiday Help (PDF, 148KB)

11/2017  Strong Families (PDF, 101KB)

10/2017 Fiber (PDF, 132KB) 

9/2017  ATV Aware (PDF, 140KB)

8/2017  Solar Eclipse (PDF, 130KB)

7/2017  Energy Drinks  (PDF, 128KB)

6/2017   Let's All Be "Sunbright" (PDF, 120KB)

5/2017   Tractor Safety Courses (PDF, 130KB)

4/2017   Organ Donation  (PDF, 145KB)

3/2017    Stressful Times (PDF, 128KB)

2/2017     Just MOVE    (PDF, 157KB)

1/2017     A State of SADness   (PDF, 138KB)

12/2016   Do You Really Have the Flu?   (PDF, 140KB)