Soybean Management Field Days Research Updates

The 2021 growing season represented the eleventh year replicated field research was conducted at the Soybean Management Field Day sites.

Why the need for conducting research at these sites?

Many practical questions regarding soybean production and natural resource sustainability are not being answered by current federal and industry funded crop research programs. In addition, the diversity of soybean growing environments in Nebraska, changes in climate and advancements in production technologies are causing growers to question many long-held assumptions associated with soybean production.  Add to this, today’s consumer are asking questions about  how and where their food comes from, the increasing world demand for soybeans, and the importance natural resources such as soil and water have on meeting the demand. Subsequently, growers are increasingly challenged to grow soybeans more responsibly.

All of those representing the University of Nebraska – Lincoln greatly appreciate the financial investment you the soybean growers of Nebraska have made through your Checkoff contribution in supporting the research undertaken in this project. We would also like to thank the Nebraska Soybean Board for their part in support and management of this effort. Their input into the selection of research topics and in some cases treatments, was extremely valuable.

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