Soybean Management Field Days
Soybean Management Field Days

2023 Soybean Management Field Days

were held Aug. 8-11 at Rockville, NE (Jason Jakob farm), Concord, NE (UNL Haskell Ag Lab),

Mead, NE (UNL Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension & Education Center)  and DeWitt, NE (Randy and Blake Huls farm)

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This year marks 25 years of providing growers with the latest in soybean production, management and marketing

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest techniques and technologies in soybean production, while also networking with fellow farmers and industry experts.

  • 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Registration begins at 9 a.m.)
  • 4 Days, 4 Locations
  • Demonstration-based, Rotating Sessions with Interactive Discussion
  • Complimentary Admission and Lunch
  • CCA credits available
  • Learn best practices you can implement in your fields
  • Discuss issues important to you - county specific to worldwide
  • Learn about what the Nebraska Soybean Board is doing in research, marketing and education
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  • What is Soybean Management Field Days?
  • Get best practices you can implement in your fields
  • Interactive discussion and field-based demonstrations
  • Discuss issues important to you - county specific to worldwide
  • Learn about what the Nebraska Soybean Board is doing - research, marketing, and education efforts
  • Complimentary admission and lunch
SMFD Field Presentation

Soybean Management Field Days
provides an opportunity to learn how to profitably apply the products of technology and research at the farm level

This educational event is for you - the soybean grower and agronomic representatives supporting the soybean industry. Experts share their knowledge and experiences as they relate to soybean production, marketing and management including. 

But this isn't just another field day!   In 2022 we made a few changes, so that growers had more opportunities to get questions answered.  This helps us address soybean production issues that drive future research.  We kept the things you’ve always loved about Soybean Management Field Days such as field tours and presentations.  But we will also offer more interactive discussion. 

Soybean Management Field Days is a great way to see your checkoff dollars at work and get best practices you can implement in your fields.

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Demonstration-Focused Topics

Sprayer Cleanout and Setup
Maximizing spraying efficacy involves using the right tank cleanout procedures, product compatibility testing and mixing order, and  knowing how tank mixes can affect product efficacy. Best set-up practices will be discussed, such as nozzle selection, boom height, sprayer calibration to improve application efficacy and ensure on-label applications.
  • Chris Proctor, Nebraska Weed Management Extension Educator

Soybean Diseases
Weather and field conditions can cause plant stress and increase the risk of disease-causing pathogens. We will take a closer look at which diseases are affecting fields and what best  management strategies can be utilized for disease management.
  • Dylan Mangel, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist
  • Pratibha Karki, UNL Graduate Research Assistant

Insect Management  - Soybean Gall Midge, Dectes, and Defoliators
Get updates on Soybean Gall Midge, Dectes stem borer, and soybean defoliators. Learn about the latest research and strategies for managing these pests, including information on pest biology, scouting, and control options.
  • Tom Hunt, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
  • Robert Wright, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
  • Justin McMechan, Crop Protection and Cropping Systems Specialist

Cover Crops and Soil Health
Learn about selecting and managing cover crops to improve soil health, increase nutrient cycling, and aid in weed suppression.  In addition, get a close-up view on soil life and root growth in the field.
  • Katja Koehler-Cole, Nebraska Soil Health Management Extension Educator
  • Mitiku Mamo, Nebraska Extension Educator

With most Nebraska soybean fields in severe to exceptional drought zones, irrigation management is critical to optimize water resources.  We will discuss management, including checking system performance and irrigation scheduling software that helps easily put all the pieces together. In addition, we will discuss some findings from a precision planting project that we evaluated the effect of planter speed and downpressure on soybean emergence.
  • Bruno Patias Lena, Nebraska Extension Educator, Water and Integrated Cropping Systems

Grain Markets
The goal of successful grain marketing is to maximize profits and minimize risk. A successThe goal of successful grain marketing is to maximize profits and minimize risk. A successful plan looks at farm production costs, market trends, price forecasts, risk management strategies and more. Learn about current market trends and resources you can use to help you make improved grain marketing decisions.
  • Jeff Peterson, President, Heartland Farm Partners

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We are in your Neighborhood!

Soybean Management Field Days are hosted at locations across Nebraska. We share current information about soybean production, marketing, and management with you at 4 different farm sites each year.  We've been going strong since 1999!

2023 locations:

  • Aug 8 – Rockville, NE (Jason Jakob farm)
  • Aug 9 – Concord, NE (UNL Haskell Ag Lab)
  • Aug 10 – Mead, NE (UNL Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension & Education Center)
  • Aug 11 – DeWitt, NE (Randy and Blake Huls farm)
  •  Download directions, maps and Google Maps links
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We have been conducting replicated research at the Soybean Management Field Days sites since 2012...
learn about what we have found out over the years and are continuing to learn.

Research Updates

combine in a field
We invite you to view the Soybean Management Field Days presentations or listen to the podcasts
presented by Nebraska Extension specialists and educators when convenient in your schedule.

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