Projects provide the basis of the 4-H program by offering various educational experiences.  Carrying out a project will help the member "learn by doing" as well as learn "why" things happen the way they do.  

Project selection is optional for Nebraska 4-H members, with the exception of horse and shooting sports projects. However, you are encouraged to officially enroll in projects they are interested in.  The project enrollment process may help youth learn valuable management skills like goal-setting, record-keeping, planning and organizing.

For more information on the projects that are available please see 4-H Projects.

Check with the Extension Office if you would like a copy of the project manuals.

Floriculture and Horticulture 
Follow guidelines in  "Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibits" 4-H 227 (revised 2016) (Free Download)

Follow guidelines in "Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits for Exhibit" 4-H 226  (revised 1994) when preparing entries for the fair.