Welcome to the Madison County 4h program

You are about to enroll in one of the greatest youth development programs in the nation! With over 140,000 youth involved in Nebraska, we are excited to welcome YOU! Thank you for taking an interest in our organization, which focuses on youth development through interactive, learn-by-doing educational activities. In 4-H, youth will learn life skills to become better citizens and leaders.



Click on the links below for enrollment instructions.

Why is it called “4-H”?

The 4-H emblem is a four-leaf clover with an “H” on each leaf. The four “H”s seen on the clover stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health:

  •       Head::   4-H teaches your child how to use critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.
  •       Heart:   4-H will help your child learn respect for you, other, and the environment, as well as positive interpersonal communication skills.
  •       Hands:  Through 4-H, your child will gain hands-on experience in career preparation and service to others.
  •       Health:  4-H will give your child the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and to manage change and challenges.
The 4-H motto is “to make the best better”. The 4-H slogan is “learn by doing”.

 Who can join?

  •       4-H provides age-appropriate opportunities for youth ages 5 to 18. Projects and activities fit the interests of both urban and rural youth, boys and girls.
  •       Regular and competitive memberships are available for youth ages 8 to 18 as of January 1 of the current year.
          These youth can participate in everything, including age-restricted projects such as shooting sports and horse.
  •       Cloverbud 4-H members are youth ages 5 to 7 as of January 1 of the current year.
  •       Volunteers/4-H Leaders can be anyone willing to share his or her skills, talents, and expertise as a leader! We always need short-term volunteers for workshops or other activities. Background clearance is required.

What does 4-H offer?

  • Youth can explore many subject matter areas and develop skills to be used throughout life. With projects ranging from science and technology to shooting sports to small and large animal to home environment, 4-H has something for everyone! See more details at 4h.unl.edu
  •  Exhibit your projects at the county fair and possibly the state fair! A summary of the projects can be found at https://4h.unl.edu/projects.
  •  Participate in overnight or day camps, which offer recreation, education, and career exploration.
  •  Join a 4-H club. Partake in group meetings and learn more about projects, experience group unity, and engage in community service. Madison County currently has 18 clubs welcoming  new members! Find a club that fits your interests, location, or age by calling the Extension Office or view the list at is included in this packet.
  •  Youth also have the option to be an independent 4-H member. Independents can do everything 4-H has to offer but are not associated with a club.
  •  Youth can apply for national trips, such as Citizenship Washington Focus and National 4-H Congress. Be a leader as a member of the Madison County 4-H Council.
  • Contests, county and state livestock shows, scholarships, and much more are waiting!
  •  The possibilities are endless with 4-H! We also have a program called “Next Chapter”. These participants are automatically pre-admitted to UNL.

 What does it cost?

The Madison County 4-H program annual enrollment fee covers insurance and resources. Most clubs assess a nominal fee to cover various club expenses. 4-H members are responsible for purchasing their own project manuals and supplies needed to complete projects.

  •       4-H member (age 5 to 18) dues: $5.00   
  •       4-H leader / volunteer dues: $1.00
  •       4-H Newsletter Yearly Mailing Subscription: $10.00
  •       4-H Email Newsletter Mailings are FREE.

How do I join the fun? Check out the clubs avaiable in Madison County!

  • If you know of an established club which you would like to become a member of, simply check them out HERE and then contact a local club leader. If you have a group of friends who would like to start a new club, ask a parent or a volunteer to be a leader; contact the Extension Office to get started. Or simply contact the Extension Office for guidance! We will be happy to help!

 When is the Madison County Fair?

  • This year the 2024 fair is July 9 – 14. Visit the 2023 4-H Fairbook HERE to check out the previous projects available.


***Contact Sarah, Jayd or Kelcie at the Nebraska Extension Office in Madison County with any questions or concerns at 402-370-4040. We would love to talk about 4-H and the opportunities for you and your family!

 Thank you for Exploring 4-H and Welcome to the 4-H Program!