Welcome to the KB General 4-H Page! 

Achievement Application (Due October 1 to the KB Extension Office) 

Go to the following link to get your 2020-2021 4-H Achievement Application.

Achievement Application | Nebraska 4-H (unl.edu)

Reminder there are two different forms based on your age. 

  1. Junior: 8 - 14 (County Only Contest) 
  2. Senior: 15 - 18 (County + Can be turned in to the state for potencial state 4-H scholarships)

Reminder: 4-H Council will be giving out 6 scholarships this year to our top 2 Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Achievement applications. First place in each division will receive $100 and second place will receive $50. Since the state does not have an intermediate category, youth ages 11 to 14 should fill out the junior achievement application, but they will be judged separately based on 4-H Age. 

If you are interested on the scoring rubric, I have attached the rubrics for both the junior and senior applications. 

Jr Rubric 

Senior Rubric