Kimball-Banner County Fair Page 

Welcome to the Kimball-Banner County Fair Page! We are in the process of getting our new website put together. It may look pretty empty now but we will be populating it with a bunch of resources to help you navigate your 4-H experience!


Click to view the Kimball-Banner Fairbook. Good luck on your projects 4-Hers! 

Kimball-Banner County Fairbook

Kimball-Banner County Livestock Sale (August 8th - 10th) 

Click the link below to register for the Kimball-Banner County Livestock Sale. 

Livestock Sale Registration 

If you have any questions regarding the sale or are having trouble getting registered please contact a member of the sale committee.

Klent Schnell 308-235-9251 (Chair)                                     Spencer Teasley 970-534-5700

Bob Culek 308-641-2057                                                         Ryan Lukassen 308-235-7265

Darrell Snyder 308-235-7145                                                 Bill Gifford 308-631-1031

The livestock sale goes live Saturday, August 8th and ends Monday, August 10th. Click the link below to go to the Live Auction Page.  

Kimball-Banner County Livestock Sale